Thursday, September 30, 2010

Black Dynamite: Animated Series!

I was just about to ask my homeboy if I could get Boondocks Season 2 & 3 off his HD! But then I saw this!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Do We Still Need Tokyo Game Show? - By Calibur

Another year and the Tokyo Game Show has come and gone. I got to be there from dawn till dusk on Thursday and Saturday. One day for the press and one day for the public. Press days are always great with the short lines and general professionalism from all involved, but there is something to be said about public days, especially this year where you have TGS sharing its event with Tougeki, the largest video game tournament in Japan. Oh yeah, and cosplayers, hot and unhook, show up on public days too. Despite all the fun that I had general reception to the regular attendees I talked to was “meh.” Is that a bad sign of things to come for the Tokyo Game Show event?

The first day of the event was pretty quite. Not many people there at
all, which is fantastic for trying out awesome games like Vanquish

and MvC3

but the energy really wasn’t there and neither were the big announcements. Cool game trailers and news were leaked out later in the week which I think is a good idea if you want to have people attend everyday, but it still left the first day feeling flat. I
guess I should add that it was pouring rain that Thursday so making the hike to the game show early would have ranked somewhere between staying-in-bed and going-to-work-at-a-job-you-hate. Low attendance on Thursday would surprise no one who looked out the window that day.

Saturday was when the craziness started. The Tougeki game tournament was gearing up and you had a pretty sizable group of people who wouldn’t have usually flown in for TGS in the crowd. Players from all over the world who have had no contact with Japan get to be bombarded with all the stereotypes they’ve always had; Video monitors, latex wearing hot Asian chicks, chibi characters, cosplayers and the mobs with the cameras who follow them.

That brings me to my next point. What is TGS now? Obviously, it’s supposed to be an expo displaying hot new games, applications, and technology on the horizon, but thanks to inexpensive digital media like downloadable demos and Youtube news doesn’t pack the punch it used to. Anyone who is interested enough to go to TGS already has a way to get previews for what they are really interested in. Games are the last thing on the list because you can do it at anytime but taking photos of girls and guys (mostly girls) wearing your favorite cult anime/videogame costume is something that can be only done at special times and places and there is a huge subculture of amateur photographers who fill TGS for this reason alone.

These little perks are what’s going to keep the Tokyo Game Show relevant in the future. Side events like Tougeki and fancy dress get-togethers can serve like a trojan horse to bring a knowledgeable audience in and give developers a chance to show off their stuff first hand so their products can make an impact the way they are really supposed to. If they expand on these side events like I’m recommending than you could have a situation where the Tokyo Game Show videogames are just an after thought the same way actual music on MTV is. Either way, all of these concerns will be gone when the next generation of consoles come out. The Playstation 4’s and the XBO720 whatevers are going to have both the press and the public both drooling over the next big thing, and when those consoles make their debut, the sideshows of TGS are going to be on the back burner the way I think they are supposed to be. At least that year.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Soul Infusion (The Eatin' Was Good Son!)

Popular Rating 9.2/10! The promoters of this event did a fantastic job, the dance floor was on fire, the DJ's/Singers definitely put it down and the cooks. . . . THE COOKS KILLED IT! Anytime, you can drink, dance and eat Soul Food to your heart's content in Japan is a good damn day. The downside, I found the venue to be a bit small,l especially on the patio. But the food wasn't out there. . . So whatever. LOL!

In conclusion, if you are in Tokyo and you get invited to a SOUL INFUSION Party, you betta try to put yo' ankles in it!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rabbit Sticker in Roppongi

I have been hunting these stickers for about 3 year now! So now, I just gonna blog about it!

So there is some dood or doodette posting these crazy rabbit stickers all over Tokyo. So every time I see one, I try to take a picture of it. All and all, I have had a blast collecting them and this is the first red one I've seen. I know this seems kinda nerdy but It's kinda like a real life video game for me.

This one is on a mail box near the police station on the walk towards Roppongi Hills.

Damn, I love this shit!

Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 Tokyo Game Show (Meh)

Honestly, all I did yesterday was play MVC3. (Which was my one and only true goal.) The game looks fantastic but it plays nothing like MVC2. Which isn't a bad thing, it's just different. The button layout threw me way off but reminded me of TVC. Also, I had no idea that you needed to hold the button down to switch out characters. I will get some more MVC3 in today while hoping and praying that CAPCOM will let us play with Tron Bonne!

After all that, I'm gonna play some Vanquish. Which is a very stylish looking Lost Planet / Gears of War type game on CRACK made by Prism who are responsible for that gem known as Bayonetta.

So besides those 2 games, that's about it. Nothing else caught my eye except the women. (Thank heaven for them.)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

8-4 Pre-TGS Party @ VANITY in Roppongi

Seriously, If you didn't get a chance to make it to 8-4's Pre-TGS Party @ VANITY. BUDDY, IT SUCKS TO BE YOU. VANITY was an extremely plush venue and the boozes and viddles were on the house (For a limited time). In short, 8-4 threw one helluva of party with a great musical assist by DJ MILKY D to network and get your international video game swag on. So if you ever decide to throw a Video Game Industry Party in Tokyo, YOU NEED TO TALK TO THE CATZ AT 8-4!

Popularity Ranking: 8.7/10

Monday, September 13, 2010


Youtube Source Vid:

Even Superman had to get in on it!

You Love It!

GODSGARDEN 2.5 @ Asagaya Loft

Man, even though I didn't make it in time to sign up. I learned a lot by just watching the Pros here in Japan go at it! Somehow, I managed to take about 400 pictures. So here are a few just to give you a mental picture of the whole ordeal.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

CURRENT BAR in Shinjuku

First off! I gotta give a shout out to that man ElvenShadow on SRK (We Da Best) for inviting us to this shindig. Dood, It was such a gangster-ass refresher to take a step away from Hip-Hop and ROCK HARD! So if you like rock music, and you are in the Shinjuku Area, you gotta give Current in a shot!

Popular Score: 8/10

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Date: Friday, September 10th 2010
Time: 8:30pm - 10:30pm
Location: NAKED
2-27-16 Jingumae Shibuya
Tokyo 150-0001

Attention All Tokyo Gunslingers and Bandits: I, Marshall Scott Popular do here by officially invite you to the Official Red Dead Redemption Party at The NAKED office here in Tokyo. So please join us for free pizza, free boozes and prizes as we demo Rockstar's latest hit title Red Dead Redemption available in Japanese stores on October 7th 2010!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Spark 2010

Captain's Freestyle Log 001: Site Header

The Vision of Scott Popular gets grumpy. When frumpy frills don't pay the bills. Ya' boy got skills. A galaxy away from fake, so I gotz to be real. So Chill, like a Bobby Drake Ice Beam. I Lean. Too Clean. I Talk. They Scream! I Glitter, They GLEEM! Boppers Bounce, I squeeze! Get Faded, Green! Cuz I always run that "I-Formation", when I use my Pimp Screen!


Mobile Test #1

Does this thing work?! I'm trying to set this thing up through my iphone..... I think I got it now?