Friday, May 27, 2011

Goldfish - We Come Together!!!!!!

Thx Joe! This is just tooooooo AWESOME!
★★POPULAR RATING: 9999/10!★★

Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

MINIVAN - Agent & Raynge feat. Camp Lo (Cartoon Rap)

In honor of the "POPULAR WEEK", I would like to start things off with some Cartoon Hip-Hop from Scooby-Do, Agent, Raynge and Camp Lo!

I-20 100%

The 808 Bass line goes so hard in this song! Aye Richie! Play this next time when you DJ at Westside, if them cats don't like it. Then they ain't AFRICAN AT ALL!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Mamba Must Be Moisturized! RLMAO!

By far this is one of the funniest NBA spoofs this year! The amount of one-liners in this video is ridiculous! Watch and watch again!

RESPECT: Jerry Lawson

Without him console gaming may not have even existed! R.I.P. And If I ever make a good game, one of the characters will be named Jerry Lawson. Thank You!

Please read the article on WIRED to find out more about this great man!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scott Popular Technique 101: The Bobby P. Super Fireball!

My Bobby P.Panda Bear Shinku-Hadouken! I made this a couple of year ago but it's still fresh! So what do you do with your free time? I blast suckas in the face! So how about you? LOL!Photobucket

Arcade Classic: TOP SKATER

Since My Birthday is coming up I've decided to look for some outrageous things I want like. . . A TOP SKATER machine for the kitchen! Because you never know when you are gonna get the urge to bust a B/S Misty 540 while you are making lunch!

SEGA truly shined on this one. The game play was fun, Pennywise did a lot of the punk music and it was visually captivating. So if and when I have my own arcade TOP SKATER is a must!

Wait?! Can I get this on Kinect or iPad?! And If not, WHY?!?!?! (QUICK!!! To the emulators!!!)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

BASM: Toybox Gold Coast Australia

BASM Report: Australia
Venue: Toybox, Gold Coast, Australia

Tonight was my last night in Australia. So I decided to hit a Strip Club just to see. Overall, Australia failed but keep in mind. I picked a random S-Club based purely on location. So when I return to Australia, Gold Coast will get a second chance.

POPULAR: The venue was nice, clean and safe. General seating was mostly low plush chairs with high arm rests which are great for lapdances. The center stage had 2 poles and was the size of 4 American size lunch tables put together. All of the dancers were in really good physical condition and were very cordial. Upon refusing a lapdance, I was told by a dancer, "Well, I hope you and your mates have a Fucking Fantasic Evening!" Classy!

NOT POPULAR: The dancers couldn't dance well. I know I have a high standards but the show was boring as hell. The DJ Booth and M.C. were invisible and all of the music was either from a music video or some kinda of popular radio channel thingy which was very artificial. The bar had nothing on tap and $40 for a 15 minute lapdance. FUCK THAT!

Stage Layout: C
Dancers: C+
Music: C
MC & DJ: F
Prices: F
Venue Layout: B
Bar: B-
Patron's Vibe: B+

★POPULAR RATING: 3/10 (Failed)★