Wednesday, December 7, 2011


SUPER POTATO from studiodonbe on Vimeo.


It has been a while since I released something under the GENIUS CLUB banner and what better way to make a glorious return than a collaboration with the indestructible SCOTT POPULAR and internet celebrity Cheapy D. This time GENIUS CLUB features no experimental short movie though, but rather a short document about the infamous retro game store SUPER POTATO located in Tokyo, Akihabara.

Get on the nostalgia train as Scott and Cheapy take you on a short trip through retro game heaven, failing to make sense of a perverted Princess Peach knock-off game by shady company HACKER and also ponder the question as to why the president of Sega was featured on the last batch of Dreamcast consoles to ever hit the stores. Music was provided by I,Cactus and honestly I think you should all give his album a listen because the kid’s a GENIUS!

Presented by CheapyD and SCOTT POPULAR.
Directed by NIKO LANZUISI.
Assisted by FORGENJURO
Music is courtesy of I,Cactus.

Too Funny!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

World Gone Sour Announcement Feat. Method Man

Good Music, Cool Video but I haven't got the first clue about what this game is actually about. Never-the-less Meth came hard on this beat and I like the all the fun in the video!