Friday, June 29, 2012

SLAM DUNK! (If You Read The Books This Is Awesome!)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tokyo Item Hunter: 01 Buffalo Man!

Good timing C.C. Lemon!  Recently, the left arm broke of my One Piece Frankie cell phone figure.  So, the BE@RBRICK/KINNIKKUMAN Buffalo Man is gonna have to tag in and save all the cool points!   
Swag! Swag! Swag!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SP★'S G.O.T. Top 10 BAD-ASS List! (Fuck Jon Snow! Yeah, I Said IT!))

This is my official Game Of Thrones Top 10 BAD-ASS List for Season 1 & 2!  (FUCK JON SNOW)  Everybody on this list would fold Jon Snow's weak-ass up in a heartbeat!

10. Jamie Lannister: Yeah, he is an asshole! But he is a King Slaying Asshole!
9.   Sandor Clegan a.k.a. The Hound & Gregor Clegan a.k.a. The Mountain That Rides!:  They are a tie. When they where kids it was all Mountain but the Hound can hold his ground now.
8.   Tywin Lannister: His intellect is not to be fucked with.
7.   Jorah Mormont: Following the Mother of Dragons is hard work and his dad is on the Wall.
6.   Stannis Baratheon: Aye! Even though he got his fleet char-broiled and sent thousands to their deaths.  He still got into the castle and had to be dragged out by his own men.  Stan was putting in work!
5.   Brienne of Tarth: This bitch is going to kill you! Start running now!
4.   Bronn:  The perfect mercenary for the right price who refuses to take shit from anybody.
3.   Syrio Forel: Not only will he not kill you.  He will style on you so hard that you wish that he did! 
2.   Jaqen H'ghar: "Mr. Give A Man A Name."  I got deadly remote control blow-darts ho!
1.   Khal Drogo! Come on now?!  Is there any other choice? Drogo Vs. Anybody and it's a wrap! It's a shame that he got did on some old bullshit but it was Deny's Fault!

P.S.:  FUCK JON SNOW & PRINCE JOFFREY! They Both Can Catch The Infinite Stairwell Combo!