Wednesday, October 31, 2012

But I Wanna Be A Giant Yo'. . . I'm Big!

This is reminds me so much of the last time I played D&D it is ridiculous. I rolled a chaotic neutral giant half-orc bard. My charm powers were based off my freestyles. So I didn't need to have a weapon or a musical instrument. I just needed a decent flow. But this videos uncovers another truth about Black Guys (Well Shooters despite their nationality to be more exact) and D&D. No matter what you say. D&D is still a game of craps and if you can't wield the bones you gon' die daddy. LOL! Good eye. Mark Shep. Good eye!

Dungeons & Dragons & Bitches from Peter Atencio on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


At the moment I have 2 shows out on SPREAKER.  Well actually, I have 1.5 shows out.  The first show was a test and the second show was a re-do.  I'm gonna be honest with y'all.  I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO A PODCAST, but I did work at an actual radio station for about 3 years.  So, I do have an idea of how to make a radio show at least.  Wassup WRAS ATLANTA 88.5 FM!

Now as an iphone AP/program. Spreaker isn't bad but there are a couple of improvements that need to made to the standard free version.  First, increasing the size of the cross fader slider would be nice and if you could adjust the volume of the tracks being played people would rejoice in the street.  These suggestions are just a start but they would help out a ton.

All in all, I say Spreaker is pretty safe to try out but I wouldn't advise paying for the premium/full product until you have a good grasp of the free version first.

And if you are wondering, the picture above is actually the playlist of this show.  Have fun trying to figure it out.