Saturday, May 7, 2011

BASM: Toybox Gold Coast Australia

BASM Report: Australia
Venue: Toybox, Gold Coast, Australia

Tonight was my last night in Australia. So I decided to hit a Strip Club just to see. Overall, Australia failed but keep in mind. I picked a random S-Club based purely on location. So when I return to Australia, Gold Coast will get a second chance.

POPULAR: The venue was nice, clean and safe. General seating was mostly low plush chairs with high arm rests which are great for lapdances. The center stage had 2 poles and was the size of 4 American size lunch tables put together. All of the dancers were in really good physical condition and were very cordial. Upon refusing a lapdance, I was told by a dancer, "Well, I hope you and your mates have a Fucking Fantasic Evening!" Classy!

NOT POPULAR: The dancers couldn't dance well. I know I have a high standards but the show was boring as hell. The DJ Booth and M.C. were invisible and all of the music was either from a music video or some kinda of popular radio channel thingy which was very artificial. The bar had nothing on tap and $40 for a 15 minute lapdance. FUCK THAT!

Stage Layout: C
Dancers: C+
Music: C
MC & DJ: F
Prices: F
Venue Layout: B
Bar: B-
Patron's Vibe: B+

★POPULAR RATING: 3/10 (Failed)★

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