SP★ T-Shirt Diary

Date: 2014.11.27
Time: 19:31
Mood: Dirty

Ladies, I have some DBSC/DGSC hoodies and tanktops that need to be modeled!  I want to do 2 shoots.  The first shoot will be in the Studio in the Roppongi area and the second shoot will be in Shibuya.  You will receive the pictures in a week.  Let's Go!!!

Date: 2012.06.30
Time: 15:55
Mood: Sleepy but good. . . 

The box came in.  I have tank-tops and T-shirts to sell.  As usual, the Black Lion shirt move very well.  The FRB shirts are moving as well but I still need to get some proper model photos for each design.  The Red FRB Champions Only shirts are too hot.  I'm glad that Sunahebei and ABEGEN were the first two win then.  I'm looking forward to seeing them on stream next week in Las Vegas.


Date: 2012.06.05
Time: 20:06
Mood: I'm Going Back In!

I finally put in a re-order for the Black Lion T-Shirt & Tank Tops, the White FinalRoundBats T-Shirt and a New Special FRB Champion T-Shirts (Which are NOT FOR SALE! THEY CAN ONLY BE WON AT AN FRB EVENT!)

How To Purchase An SPT:  
  • 1st Option:  If you like to pick-up a Black T-Shirt / Tank or White FRB shirt and you live in the Tokyo-Area, the cheapest way is to come to an TPC/FRB Event and buy them there and receive a ¥1000 FRB discount off all shirts!
  • 2nd Option:  Come to the Black Lion in Meguro on the following Sundays below and I can sell you what I have in stock directly.  All Shirts and Tanks are ¥3,000.
  • 3rd Option:  If you would like to buy a shirt online, please Pay-Pal me. ¥4,500 / $54 per shirt.  (Shirt + Shipping & Handling)  Paypal Address: slapfireboomstick@hotmail.com 
Special Thanx To Studio Donbe for helping me create the new Champion FRB and the other FRB shirts! YES, you will get some design cheese for the sales. :)  

FRB Casual Sundays @ Black Lion:  June 24th, July 1st and July 8th 18:00~22:30


Date: 2012.03.07
Time: 09:25
Mood: Rested. . . . Well sorta.

FINAL ROUND XV was a blast. I pretty much sold out of every shirt. Even though there was a mis-print / no print on the back of the Black Lion T-Shirt they still sold out. I'll have to go to my printer's in Atlanta get my money back.
Now that I'm awake . . . sorta. It's time to plan out a new design.


Date:     2012.02.24
Time:    10:50Mood:   Awake!
Entry 001

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a model for Polo.  This never happened due to things such as global warming, random ninja spirit battles and video games.  But I did manage to land a few modeling jobs in America and Japan with various companies.  During these year of modeling very sparingly, graphic designing, playing video games, bobbin' to good tunes, smoking weed, fucking bitches and eating cereal (OFWGKTA Respect).  I realized that I can do this by my damn self and make the people I met models.  Now that's POPULAR.  So while you are here GET POPULAR!  (Big Thanks to Studio Donbe for being hype and inspiring me to push this!)