Wednesday, November 24, 2010

OTAKOOL 7 Research

Originally, I was looking for a track to put on the next up-in-coming OTAKOOL mix. So I youtube-ed one of my favorite Chill-Out Artist Iain Bellamy and I found this great CG character walk-thru demo through video by JADENEindia. Graphically, for a one person job (I believe) this is fantastic. The song choice and the atmosphere of the environment compliment each other very well. I wish that it loaded a bit more smoothly at times though and I don't think there is enough emphasis on the character and the character's emotions. Then there are a couple of blatantly bad camera angle choices in my opinion but one very good thing about these CG demos is that nothing is final. The artist could go back and move the cameras around again and re-render the project. But overall, THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN FOR THIS SONG!

☆Popular Rating: 8.3/10☆

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