Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Greetings. O.K. to make this simple for everyone this year. Yes! I am going to the Pink Pony Strip Club in Atlanta! That is if you want to come with me?!?! (Trust me, YOU WANT TO COME WITH ME!)

So I need You find me at FRXIV, this Thursday or Friday at the Hilton Hotel and tell me that you want to go, sign the list and pay me. The plan is to go on Friday or Saturday Night from 11pm-2am. (The time may change depending on the tournament.) Please stay tuned to this site for more updates. Also, since the party bus plan is damn near impossible! I will need designated drivers.

Proper and Up-to-Date Picture ID: Drivers License or Passport are great!
You must be 21. (No Exceptions)
Fee: $30-$35 (Entry, Tables and Commute Fee)
Attire: Anything is O.K. but If I were you I would "Think Popular."
Common Sense: Do I really need to go into this?! Be cool and if you have a question, ask me.

☆☆☆Confirmed Players List:☆☆☆
Scott Popular (Host, ATL/TKY)
Juice (Co-Host, Atlanta)
Tokido (Tokyo)
GoogleMyName (SRK)

Q: Hey! SP I'm a girl. Can I join your party?
A: YES! And bring your other girlie friends too.

Q: Will I need a lot of money?
A: Honestly in total, I would bring about $150 - $200. Get a lot of ones and please do not use the ATM in the club unless you want to get RAPED?

Q: Can I bring my Camera Phone?
A: Due to the popularity of the camera phones. I think it will be O.K. (I will check for certain on Thursday Night) Either way, please don't decide to have a Kodak moment in the Pony and get Sentinel Stomped out the Bouncers!

Q: Is it 100% Nude?
A: Yes, it is 100% my friend.

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