Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 Tokyo Game Show Booth Girls

This year, I could only attend TGS one day to help Madcatz. And that day was Sunday, which was a general public day a.k.a. A LIVING HELL.  

It's SOOOOO hard to take pictures with a 1000 tiny little Japanese photographers kicking it my armpits all day. But here are a few I managed to snap in the pits of HELL! Behold! That TGS Goodness!
And The Pick Of The Litter Goes To GLOOPS! And as usual, SONY gets a "BOOOOOO! And THE GASFACE!" for their whack ass booth girl outfits. . . . . AGAIN!  Please stop dressing your girls up like old dusty cookie maids bro!  PLEASE! 

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