Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I's Ret Ta Go!

Date: 2015.03.17
Time: 05:15
Mood: I's Ret Ta Go!

Translation: I'm ready to go!  Tomorrow, I'll be heading back to Atlanta for FR18. My bags are somewhat packed, my hayfever is somewhat gone and most of my tasks are some what done.

What does FR mean to me?  Simply put, it means life.  I know a lot of people say, I'm down for life about several things but FR really is life for me.  You see. FR is the ups and the downs. FR is every tear and every burst of laughter.  FR is every win and every loss. FR is every free play casual or money match.  FR is the best and worst. FR is each scrub to every pro-player.  FR is the first quarter you put into the machine to the last one you got in your pocket.  FR is every bus ride to carpool to plane flight.   FR is for every man, woman and child no matter what they look like. FR is brown, orange, pink, red, blue, yellow, green, purple, black & white. FR is a rainbow people who have decided to fight. . . so until death comes I say, FR Is Life.


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